Two-Wheeled Storage Rolling Bin

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Sturdy rolling storage bins, an excellent solution for large caches of supplies. Ideal for schools and businesses. Available in 360L (96G), 240L (64G), and 120L (32G) sizes.

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Emergency supplies can get heavy, especially if you are preparing for a long period of time, or for a large group of people. The Two-Wheeled Storage Rolling Bin is a perfect solution! When disaster strikes simply roll your preparations to your shelter, or other safe place, without the need to drag boxes or strain against fifty pound survival packs. The polycart has an overhang, keeping its contents dry, and the thick plastic is vermin resistant.

Available in Yellow.


  • 360L (95G)
  • 240L (65G)
  • 120L (35G)

Please note that this item is special order. Please allow two to three weeks to ship.

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120L (32G), 240L (64G), 360L (96G)


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Two-Wheeled Storage Rolling Bin

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