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Treatment Tarps – Set of 4, with Bag


This set of four 15’ by 20’ color coded treatment tarps immediately establishes and identifies treatment areas. These tarps promote effective and efficient sorting of patients and prioritizes those in need of immediate care. Tarps are waterproof for easy clean up, clearly marked for sensible organization, and 18mm thick to ensure durability.

Key Features:

► Waterproof and Easy To Clean
► Metal Grommets for Staking
► Patient Layout Lines
► Patient Numbers
► Vinyl Material
► 18mm Tarp Thickness

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Designed specifically for Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Response, these specialized tarps have layout lines for optimal patient placement and quick reference patient numbers. The bright colors allow for easy visibility and straightforward matching with corresponding triage tags. Sort patients by highest priority for medical attention so they may be seen first and kept in an area most convenient for loading into ambulances. The durable metal grommets allow you to stake the tarps and ensure they lay flat and do not become a hazard. These treatment tarps promote seamless crowd control and keep traffic clear for emergency response vehicles.

What’s included?

  • Red, Immediate Treatment Area Tarp
  • Yellow, Delayed Treatment Area Tarp
  • Green, Minor Treatment Area Tarp
  • Black, Morgue Treatment Area Tarp
  • Durable Carry Bag

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