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This page is for a 2-Meal Sample Pack

  • An assortment of 2 meals with at least 1 entrée
  • Ready to eat meals and components that are as appetizing in the field as they are on the day they are packed.
  • Delicious, fully-cooked meal kits that require no refrigeration and have up to a 5-year shelf life.
  • Heaters are water-activated, and allow you to have a piping hot meal anywhere!

Manufacture Date: Sept 2022

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Try out the TOTAL PREPARE MRE Sample Pack today!

This listing is for a 2-Meal Sample Pack of Total Prepare MRE. For cases of 12, click through here.

Walk through the TOTAL PREPARE MRE here with Cort, our Customer Experience Manager!


The 2-Meal Sample Pack will contain 2 different meal pouches from the following list with at least 1 entrée:

Each meal pouch includes:

    • Main course (listed below)
  • 3-4 Side components (side, bread item, spread, snack, dessert)
  • Beverage mix
  • Mini Tootsie Rolls
  • High power, safe to use, flameless meal heater
  • Accessory Pack: spoon, napkin, and condiment kit (salt pepper, tea, creamer, sugar).

Flameless Meal Heater Specs

The TOTAL PREPARE MRE Sample Pack will give you a chance to test out our advanced heater technology. This is a proprietary blend of non-toxic chemicals inside a non-woven fabric pad, sealed with ultrasonic sealing technology and individually wrapped in foil, contained inside a 280 x 180mm multilayered constructed bag with 95mm gusset including a high heat resistant open zipper, a steam vent and instructions.

APPROXIMATE TOTAL FRH WEIGHT: 68g including outer printed bag.

HEAT GENERATION: Following the addition of any non-flammable liquid 90/150mls, the chemical mixture will create an exothermic reaction that will generate heat and steam to raise the internal temperature to up to 220 °F with a duration of 10-15 minutes depending on altitude and temperature.

SHELF LIFE: Minimum five years from production date if stored under 21°C. Upper limit not known if bag remains sealed.

ADVANTAGES: Stand alone, odorless, safe to use in confined and close spaces, non-flammable, magnesium-free.

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Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 11.5 × 7 × 6 in
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