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The Essentials 3 Day Kit – 4 Person


A budget friendly family kit that leaves out the bells and whistles to give you exactly the necessities you need to withstand an emergency. This kit is a hybrid of some of our most popular options, taking the best of each to create the ultimate essentials solution.

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3 Day Preparedness for your family in two easily portable backpacks.

Did you know that there are emergency kits that come with a caviar fork? (No caviar, just the fork.)

The Essentials 3 Day Emergency Survival Kit endeavors to strip away the redundant, expose the superfluous, and give you exactly what you need in an emergency. It’s strictly what’s needed in a survival kit. Survival.

In contrast to it’s name, the Essentials 3 Day Kit does not skimp on what is really important. With the purpose of survival in mind, the contents of this kit cover all 8 areas of preparedness- food, water, light and communication, sanitation and hygiene, first aid, and heat and shelter. What’s more, the included food and water feature a 5 year shelf-life, with the result that that this kit is low-maintenance. The 3 Day Essentials Kit also includes a basic first aid kit, toilet paper (perhaps the most important part!), an AM/FM radio, a flashlight, and more!

All of this is packed into a pair of compact, easy-to-carry backpacks. As a matter of fact, there is room to add additional personal items in the Essentials 3 Day Kit- consider adding extra clothing, socks, and shoes, or other items as you see fit. (Even your favorite caviar fork if you really, really need it!) By the same token, these backpacks feature multiple pockets meaning that you can keep your kit organized- allowing you to be prepared not scared, when you most need.


2 x          Medium Backpack
4 x          3600 Calorie Ration Bars
24 x        125mL Water Pouches
4 x          Emergency Blankets
4 x          Emergency Ponchos
4 x          Light Sticks
1 x          Signal Whistle
1 x          Duct Tape
1 x          Mini First Aid Kit
4 x          Face Masks
1 x          Toilet Paper
1 x          Rubber Flashlight – D
2 x          D Batteries
1 x          AM/FM Radio
2 x          AA Batteries
1 x          Emergency Preparedness Guide
1 x          Pencil
1 x          Heavy Duty Zipbag

Additional information

Dairy Free , Nut Free , Vegan , Vegetarian

Shelf Life

1-5 Years

# of People


Kit Duration

72 Hours

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