Wise Teriyaki Chicken with Rice – Single Pouch

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  • Chicken Teriyaki

Convenience, flavour, and nutrition are easier to find than ever thanks to Wise Camping Favourites. Now available in individual pouches!

Teriyaki Chicken with Rice is a great gluten free option to include in your emergency kit or outdoor gear. Tasty and with 60% of your daily vitamin C this menu item is sure to be a hit! Preparing this meal is almost as easy as eating it! Just add boiling water!

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Delicious food doesn’t need to be limited to the kitchen. Grab and go, cook in the pouch technology allows Wise Food to be prepared anywhere, anytime-just add boiling water! Teriyaki Chicken and Rice brings the comfort of home to the great outdoors. And its gluten free!

Each pouch contains two 300 calorie servings and a total of 30 grams of protein. Teriyaki Chicken with Rice is also an amazing source of vitamin C with an incredible 60% of your daily value per serving. Portable and easy to pack these meals are a perfect choice to keep your supplies light and manageable. Delicious!


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Wise Teriyaki Chicken with Rice - Single Pouch

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