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SRS SURGE Tabletop Training Kit for Hospitals


Optimize your facility’s ability to effectively manage a patient surge with this tabletop training kit. This kit includes a 6′ roll out map, Hospital Incident Command (HICS) position chips, and treatment tarps that can be placed to create various scenarios. Kit also includes 50 triage patient cards with various conditions/injuries, patient information, and a place to add triage ribbon to each card (ribbon included). Kit also includes tools for simulating different logistical challenges – please see full description below.

Key Features:

► Players Learn How to Work as a Team

► Learn How to Effectively Manage a Patient Surge

► Learn HICS Position Responsibilities & Command Structure

► Resource Management Training

► Patient Movement Prioritization

Available on backorder

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Players assume HICS position roles under the command of the Casualty Care Unit Leader as they prepare for and manage an influx of injured patients arriving from EMS and self-transport. Triage teams rapidly assess waves of incoming patients that are sent to treatment areas in preparation for transport to alternative facilities or local admissions. Players learn the responsibilities of each position as they interact with each other using effective radio communications. Simulated logistical issues such as limited bed availability and random ambulance delays create a real-world learning environment that teaches effective resource management.

What’s included in your kit?

  • Large, 6 Ft. Roll-Out Vinyl Map with Case
  • Triage Dispenser Box w/ Triage Ribbons
  • 100 Triage Training Tags
  • Binder w/ Forms and Job Action Sheets
  • 4 Mini Treatment Area Tarps
  • 4 Transport Cards
  • 50 Patient Cards
  • Transport Waiting Timer
  • Bed Availability Spinner
  • Accessory Carrying Case
  • Surge Communication Plan
  • Training DVD
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 23 Position Chips

See Triage Ribbon in a Surge Setting:

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