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SRS 7 Position Go-Kit for Receivers/Hospitals


The SRS™ Surge Response System utilizes components of the EMT3® System to provide full patient accountability within a hospital/first responder surge.

Key Features:

► Full Patient Accountability

► HICS 2014 Compliant

► Intuitive Forms for Each Position

► Weatherproof / Waterproof Position Forms

► Enhances Triage, Treatment and Transport

► Compact 7 Position Kit 10″ x 14″ (When folded)

Available on backorder

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Resource optimization and intuitive tools are key elements to mitigate a hospital surge situation. The SRS™ Surge Response System utilizes components of the EMT3® System which is a proven method of enhancing the three key surge operational elements: Triage, Treatment and Transport.  If an emergency or disaster occurs in your area and your facility does not have the resources and capacity to keep up with the inflow of patients, the SRS™ is necessary for ensuring patient accountability. This kit was specially designed for receivers with job action sheets to ensure all staff know their responsibilities and that patients get where they need to be as quickly as possible.

What’s included in your kit:

  • 50 All Risk® Wristband Triage Tags (DMS-05420)
  • 50 All Risk® Pediatric Dual Wristband Triage Tags (DMS-05525)
  • Triage Count Worksheet – Pack of 5 (DMS-05769)
  • Casualty Care Unit Leader Count Form – Pack of 5 (DMS-05800)
  • Triage Tag Receipt Holder – Pack of 5 (DMS-05768)
  • Transportation Receipt Holder – Pack of 5 (DMS-05767)
  • Initial Triage Patient Count Card – Pack of 20 (DMS-05751)
  • 10 Glasgow Coma Scale / JumpSTART Pediatric Cards (DMS-05743)
  • ICS 214 Activity Log – Pad of 25 (DMS-05890)
  • 7 Clipboards + Job Action Sheets
  • Go-Kit Folding Bag
  • 6″ Safety Light Stick
  • 7 Pens

HICS Positions Included:

  • Triage Unit Leader
  • Casualty Care Unit Leader
  • Immediate Treatment Manager
  • Delayed Treatment Manager
  • Minor Treatment Manager
  • Expectant/Morgue Manager
  • Transportation Unit Leader
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