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Primus Power Gas 450g


Power Gas delivers trusted power year-round. A versatile fuel blend of propane and isobutane gives great results, even in uncertain weather conditions. Perfect paired with the Primus Classic Trail Backpacking Stove (available here.)

Combined with the stove, Power Gas provides a flame of 10,000 BTU (2800 W).

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Power Gas is a versatile fuel blend, delivers trusted, reliable power. Its versatility makes it suitable for situations where weather and temperature conditions are uncertain. It acheives peak efficiency between -15° and 25° C, but can be used in conditions up to 50° C.

Power Gas consists of a mixture of propane and isobutane for optimal year-round performance. Each cannister burns for approximately 5.4 hours at variable heat settings – if the stove is always used on the stove’s hottest setting, it will not last as long.


For over seven years, Primus’ fuel remains the only carbon dioxide-neutral camping fuel on the market. To compensate for the emissions and the metal container in their canister gas, they have invested in focused carbon-offsetting efforts across the globe.


  • size: 450g
  • weight: 22.7oz
  • dimensions: 4.2″ x 5.4″
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