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Legacy 1440 Serving Emergency Food Kit


1440 Large Premium Servings

One of Legacy Premium’s premier package options, the 1440 Serving Package contains large servings and meal variety. This package contains freeze dried and dehydrated meals and was designed for even the most serious emergency food storage.

Package Information

Total Servings: 1,440
Total Weight: 376 lbs
Total Calories: 575,520
Serving Size: 1.5 Cups

How do I know how much freeze dried emergency food I need?

Best value Freeze Dried Food is Legacy information panel

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Premium 1440 Serving Package

One of Legacy Premium’s premier package options, the Premium 1440 Serving Package contains 376 lbs of high quality freeze dried emergency food. This package boasts a wonderful variety of freeze dried and dehydrated menus and was designed for even the most serious emergency food storage. The space needed to store this extensive package is roughly about the size of a washing machine, so plan accordingly. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your family will be well fed during a food crisis or shortage.

Product Highlights for this package of Freeze Dried Emergency Food

Package Features

    • Average of 400 calories per serving
    • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner – Just add water! (Remember: U.S. cups are smaller than metric cups)
    • 4 different breakfast options and 12 lunch/dinner entrees to choose from
    • 100% Certified GMO Free
    • 25 year shelf life
    • Made in the USA
    • Lowest cost per serving and calorie in the premium food storage industry
    • Meals have no Trans Fats or Cholesterol, no added MSG, are Low in Sodium, are Vegetarian Friendly and are a Good Source of Fiber
    • Gluten Free meals included
    • Meals come packaged in 4-serving Mylar pouches with an Oxygen Absorber and a Nitrogen Flush
    • Mylar pouches stored in stackable, heavy-duty, BPA-free plastic buckets
    • Only 512 Litres of water needed to re-hydrate all 1440 servings


Click on Meal Name for Nutritional Information

Included Breakfasts:

Nine Grain Cereal – 128 Servings
Maple Oatmeal with Brown Sugar – 128 Servings
Strawberry Creamy Wheat – 112 Servings
Old Fashion Pancake Mix – 112 Servings

Included Entrees:

Italian Pasta with Marinara – 64 Servings
Pasta Alfredo – 96 Servings
Pasta Primavera – 96 Servings
Enchilada Beans and Rice (GF) – 64 Servings
Stroganoff – 64 Servings
Cheese & Broccoli Bake (GF) – 64 Servings
Creamy a la King (GF) – 32 Servings
Vegetable and Rotini Pasta – 64 Servings
Macaroni and Cheese – 96 Servings
Creamy Potato Soup (GF) – 128 Servings
Classic Chili (GF) – 96 Servings
White Bean Chili (GF) – 96 Servings

Meal selection may vary.

GF = Certified Gluten Free

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know how much freeze dried emergency food I need?

Because serving sizes are not uniform across all brands, we recommend calculating your needs using calories. In very basic terms, calories represent how much energy food gives you. On average, a person needs 2,000 calories per day to be comfortable, so this is the amount we recommend planning around. Below, you can find a chart that shows how many days of food this package represents based on eating 2,000 calories a day, for different numbers of people.

We also include 1,200 calorie days for reference. 1,200 Calories is the bare minimum you should prepare for. It will get you by, but expect to be hungry! (For reference, coma patients get around 1,100 calories each day just to maintain their resting state.)

How long will this bucket of freeze dried emergency food last?


Where can I find the expiry date for my emergency food?

Pouches are individually labelled with the manufacturing dates. If stored in a cool, dry place the food will last for 25 years from that date.


If I open the bucket, will the emergency food go bad?

The shelf life is for individual pouches as long as they are not opened, so you can open the bucket to check the manufacturing dates or sample pouches without fear!

Additional information
Weight 376.0 lbs
Shelf Life




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