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Compact, lightweight, and user-friendly, the powerful Onyx Radiation Detector is a great fit for anyone looking for a Geiger counter that does it all! Despite its handy size the Onyx detects Alpha, Beta, and Gamma radiation with the same sensitivity as its larger cousin, the IMI Inspector Alert.

The Onyx also has its own smartphone app that allows you to keep your firmware up to date, change the date and time, access your data, and continually monitor radiation levels.

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Optimized for surface contamination measurements through its 2 inch pancake Geiger Mueller tube, the Onyx Radiation Detector can sense alpha, beta, and gamma radiation with the same sensitivity as its larger competition. Weighing in at just 200 grams the Onyx is small enough to fit in your hand and highly portable.

With a six-button touch keypad you can easily use a wide variety of functions like adjustment of the audio chirp, data logging, display of data, changing units of measurement and calibration. The software on your Onyx is the most up-to-date when shipped, and any subsequent updates can be easily downloaded using a simple internet feature.

Data can be read in different formats like µR/hr per hour, Counts Per Minute, µSv/h and Total Counts – with Timer. The colour OLED display measures 47.9 mm diagonally and you can share data through the microusb port.

There is a free app you can download for your smartphone to work alongside the onyx that helps you keep your firmware up to date, set the time and date, access your data, continuously monitor radiation levels, and more.

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Onyx Radiation Detector

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