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Mylar Bag – 1 Gallon


If you are storing your own emergency food, then Mylar Bags are your first line of defense for long-term food storage. When combined with oxygen absorbers and a bucket, Mylar creates the best long-term protection system for your food that you can buy. These Mylar bags are multi-layered bags of PET (Polyethylene) and aluminum foil and have excellent oxygen, light and moisture barrier properties.

A discount of 5% is available on orders for 50-99 bags, 10% off on quantities over 100. Please call or email our friendly team to take advantage of these volume discounts. 1-888-832-1733 or hello@totalprepare.ca

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Mylar Bags are perfect for food storage – try them out today!

Mylar Bags are the first line of defense between your food and the outside world. With a thickness of 5 mil (0.127mm), these bags are exceptional at preventing light and moisture pollution. While they are effective on their own, we recommend pairing your Mylar Bag with Oxygen Absorbers. This helps you achieve maximum shelf life for your food as well as preserving freshness and taste.

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Zip seal bags don’t require a heat seal, however we do recommend it for maximum effectiveness. You can do this using a purpose-built machine, or an iron. Once you’ve sealed your Mylar Bag above the zip seal, you’ll be able to tear off the tamper seal when you need to access your food. The zip seal will remain intact, and you can re-use it to keep your food fresh and protected.

Mylar bags are best paired with a bucket or some other rigid external storage. While they are more robust than other comparable plastic bags, Mylar is still a thin and lightweight material. If the bag is punctured, its efficiency will drop considerably. The best way to ensure it’s safe is to give it a suit of armour; after all, protecting your food is one of the most important things you can do to prepare!

Once filled, this bag can hold 3-8 lbs of grains, rice, legumes, or other food. Generally, if you pack the bag with a dense food such as flower or sugar, you should use one 300cc Oxygen Absorber or more to absorb the excess air. If you use a coarse food such as pasta, you should consider using one 1000cc Oxygen Absorber or more. In general, it’s best to use too many absorbers rather than too few. It’s best not to risk spoilage!

Mylar Bag Features:

  • Silver foil
  • Zip seal
  • 5mil thickness
  • 10″x 16″x 4″ (25.4 x 40.6 x 10.16 cm)
  • Extends the safety and storage life of most long term food
  • Bags are sealed on one end with a zip seal on the other end
  • Can be heat sealed with an iron!
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