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Our Lightsticks are 6 inches long and provide light for 8+ hours. Glowing time and intensity will depend on temperature. When the light stick is bent, an inner vial breaks allowing two non-toxic compounds to mix, producing a glowing light.

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A lightstick is an important and affordable addition for your emergency kit!

Easy to use, safe, and reliable- the lightstick is perfect for warning lights, beacons, markers, or signals. Perfect for hiking, swimming, camping, and emergency preparedness. Mark hazards, trails, bathrooms, and more during the night with these handy, safe lightsticks. The 8+ hour glow means they’ll be visible all night, and the sticks are safe to leave unattended and as they have no risk of fire.

To use:

Simply remove the lightstick from its packaging, bend the tube until you hear a little snap, or it starts glowing, and then shake the stick to get the glow to full strength.

Lightsticks are a low-maintenance source of light in an emergency. They emit bright light in all directions, and are self-generating meaning you don’t need batteries. Just break and shake! Lightsticks are waterproof, non-flammable, and non-sparking. This makes them invaluable hazardous situations where sparks or flame could cause an explosion (e.g. a break in gas mains after an earthquake.) They are easily portable and take up little space, perfect for including in any kit. Put lightsticks in strategic locations around the home, they are bright enough to illuminate hallways and rooms in a moment’s notice- perfect for use in a blackout.

The humble lightstick has more use than their price point might indicate!
Some Reasons to include Lightsticks in your Kit:
  1. Works in all conditions! No matter how wet or windy it gets, a lightstick supplies reliable lighting.
  2. Most lightsticks can be seen from a mile away in the right conditions, making them for ideal for marking and drawing attention to your location in an emergency.
  3. As the light is not focused in one direction, a lightstick provides enough glow to navigate around and see more around you. To provide directional lighting you can always just tape over one side! Put a lightstick into a jar or water bottle for an instant lamp with no fire-risk.
  4. They are safe for use in all environments, perfect for marking hazards- even where questionable or undetectable gases may exist. While flare sticks are good for road emergencies, glow sticks can help mark car and people for other situations. They’re also ideal for safely marking fallen objects or slippery or muddy areas. They can be used to mark tripping hazards such as tent stakes.
  5. Mark a trail or meeting place. If you are camping and you can mark perimeters or routes, or important objects such as the main campsite or latrine! They are visible from a distance away and glow for 8+ hours meaning that you can set your markers and you’re good to go. If you need to mark a trail you can also use in conjunction with rope or camping ribbon.
  6. Long shelf-life! You don’t need to worry about replenishing batteries, just break and shake- lightsticks are good for single use.


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