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This sturdy crank flashlight, radio, and emergency phone charger is the perfect addition to any emergency kit, vehicle, or for around the house. Equipped with AM/FM/NOAA stations, emergency phone charger and a 5 LED flashlight, it covers all your light and communication needs.

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Blizzards, floods, earthquakes, fires, power outages, and other emergencies can leave you in the dark and cut off from local news options like TV or internet. This is why having a radio and flashlight nearby, in an emergency kit or around the house, is a great precaution. The Kaito Yellow Dynamo Flashlight can be pre-charged using a USB connection, or crank charged so you won’t be at the mercy of your AA battery supply.

According to the manufacturer 1 minute of cranking will give you 10 minutes of light. Total Prepare’s in-house tests found that this handy little unit could go for as long as 20 minutes on just a minute of cranking, with very low light levels lasting for up to 40 minutes! On a quiet setting the radio lasted up to 4 minutes on a low volume after 1 minute of cranking.

Crucially, the Kaito Yellow Dynamo Flashlight/Radio’s battery is built with a protection circuit, so you can charge it up very quickly even after a long time of non use. Say goodbye to hours of cranking for measly returns!


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Kaito Yellow Dynamo Flashlight/Radio

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