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Kaito Voyager Classic II Emergency Radio


Sturdy, water resistant, and bursting with functions, the Kaito Voyager Classic is an excellent addition to any emergency plan or for every day use. A lantern, radio, flashlight and charger are all built in to this ideal piece of equipment. This unit receives AM/FM, NOAA weatherband, and shortwave radio frequencies.

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Charge the Kaito Voyager Classic emergency radio via its adjustable solar panel, USB, or with the built-in dynamo crank. With so many ways to charge this water-resistant unit, you’ll always have light and radio when you need it most. In-house testing found that a fully charged Kaito Voyager Classic could keep its flashlight shining for almost a week without recharging. Now that’s performance!

There are two main features that set the Voyager line of emergency radios apart from other options on the market. In addition to receiving AM/FM and NOAA weather band radio stations, the Voyager line can also receive 2 different shortwave bands. A valuable addition for emergencies when every piece of information could be life-saving.

The second stand-out feature of the Voyager line are the built-in reading lights. Placed below the solar panel these lights are adjustable and can be made to point downward without moving the unit. If you’ve ever tried to read a book while balancing a flashlight in the crook of your neck, you’ll know how great an adjustable light can be!

You can also use this radio as a power bank to charge your smart phones or other USB devices.


  • Shortwave, AM, FM, and NOAA radio stations
  • LED Flashlight
  • 5-LED Reading Light & SOS Emergency Beacon
  • Adjustable solar panel captures energy from the sun or natural light
  • Built-in rubberized carry strap
  • Micro USB cable included
  • Includes one 18650 LI-Ion Rechargeable battery
  • Water-resistant rubberized body
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