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Humanitarian Winter Kit


Our Humanitarian Winter Kit is a life-saving package designed to keep individuals warm and safe during harsh winter conditions. It includes essential items like a waterproof HeatStore reflective sleeping bag, a -20C sleeping bag (to layer with HeatStore), socks, hand warmers, a lightstick and whistle for visibility, mittens, and a toque—all conveniently stored in a reusable carry bag. Ideal for organizations like the Red Cross and nonprofits to distribute to those in need, this kit offers crucial protection against the cold to prevent potential harm or loss of life.

Part of an organization? Talk to our sales team at 1-888-832-1733 or sales@totalprepare.ca.

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Embracing the ethos of compassion and care, our Humanitarian Winter Kit stands as a vital solution to safeguard individuals facing the chilling adversity of winter while experiencing homelessness or displacement. This comprehensive kit is meticulously curated to ensure maximum warmth and protection, containing indispensable essentials.

At the heart of this kit lies the HeatStore reflective sleeping bag, a technological marvel designed to retain body heat and provide insulation against harsh temperatures. Additionally, the -20C sleeping bag offers an extra layer of warmth, ensuring a comfortable and secure rest despite the unforgiving cold. Putting one inside the other offers a waterproof, heat reflecting shell around a cozy, comfortable sleeping bag option.

Understanding the significance of warmth from head to toe, this kit also includes socks, hand warmers, mittens, and a toque—a thoughtful ensemble to shield extremities from frostbite and maintain overall body heat. Moreover, the inclusion of a lightstick and whistle enhances visibility and safety, helping people attract emergency assistance on wintry nights.

All these critical items come packaged in a subtle and reusable carry bag, facilitating ease of transportation and storage. Tailored for humanitarian organizations such as the Red Cross and other nonprofits, this kit stands as a beacon of hope, ready to be distributed to those most vulnerable in our communities. By providing essential protection against the biting cold, this kit aims to not only preserve lives but also to offer dignity and comfort during challenging times.

Part of an organization? Talk to our sales team at 1-888-832-1733 or sales@totalprepare.ca.

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