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Twister Seal Lid


Colourful, practical and easy to use! Twister Seal Lids keep items protected and fresh with their airtight and leak-proof design.


Twister Seal Lid for 3.5 to 7 Gallon Pails

A Twister Seal Lid – also referred to as a “Gamma Seal” lid – will work with 3.5 – 7 gallon pails. These make ideal storage options for pet food, bulk foods, emergency preparedness supplies, liquids or anything else you want to keep dry and fresh. The two piece spin on/spin off lids provide easy access to your pail’s contents with no mess and no fuss. Stock up on your lids today! Twister Seal Lids are a favourite with those who create their own long-term food storage systems. Tough and durable, these lids screw off easily without letting in unwanted pests (or pets!). Pails sold separately.

No more struggling with bucket openers or tearing finger-nails on stubborn pull-off lids!


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