Folding Shovel with Pick


Multi-Function Shovel with Pick.  Check out the additional functions below.

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A shovel, Hoe, Pick, Saw Edge, Hammer, Bottle Opener, Nail Puller, Wrench, Compass, and Waterproof Match Container all in one! Extended length is 15 1/2 inches. It can also fold into a spade or hoe. Lightweight and durable this tool is great for practically anything. Great in the garden and car as well.

A compact any-tool that gives even Swiss army knives a run for their money this folding tool is truly a multi-tasker’s dream. No more going back to the shed when you change jobs, or lugging an armful of equipment from camp. Just pick up your compact, lightweight folding shovel and you’ll be ready for anything.



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Folding Shovel with Pick

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