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Firefighter REHAB Accountability System


Turn-Key Portable Portfolio Provides NFPA 1584 Compliance
Be it a veteran REHAB Manager or a new volunteer, this all-in-one easy to understand kit ensures effective firefighter accountability for any NFPA compliant REHAB area. Make sure your crew goes through proper REHAB procedures and are fit to return to duty using a simple, intuitive, purpose-built system.

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A must-have tool in any firehall’s arsenal, the Firefighter REHAB Accountability System adds visibility and accountability to ensuring your crew is ready to return to duty after any incident. Watch the video below for full details and walkthrough of the system.

What are the Firefighter REHAB Accountability System’s Key Features?
► Simple and Concise Documentation System
► NFPA 1584 Compliant
► Weatherproof/Waterproof Forms
► Intuitive Check-In, Check-Out Process
► HIPPA Compliant Medical Record Keeping
► Accountability Logs Record 5 Members Each

What’s Included?
• Storage Clipboard with QuickStart Guide
• 1584 Reference Material
• 20 REHAB Personnel Accountability Log Receipt Holders (refills here)
• 100 Firefighter REHAB Tags (refills here)
• Pen

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