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Fire REHAB Accountability System + Vest And Flag Kit


This kit includes everything needed to establish an organized and accountable REHAB area. Vests and flags greatly enhance the effectiveness of any REHAB area by providing clear visual indicators of where sections are established and the location of personnel responsible for those sections. This kit also includes the Firefighter REHAB Accountability System which is a NFPA compliant system to help easily and intuitively keep track of crew members throughout the REHAB process.

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Create an efficient and accountable REHAB area with this complete kit. Use the vests and flags to create a clear and visible flow and management structure, like the one below:

Typical Firefighter REHAB WorkflowWhat is included?

•    REHAB Group
•    Check-In/Check-Out
•    Equipment Drop
•    Vital Signs/Monitoring
•    Medical Evaluation/Treatment
•    Rest & Hydration
•    Reassignment

Vest Positions Included:
•    REHAB Manager
•    REHAB Check-in/Check-Out
•    REHAB Vital Signs/Monitoring
•    REHAB Medical Evaluation/Treatment
•    REHAB Reassignment

See the the Firefighter REHAB Accountability System in action here:

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