Extended Infection Protection Kit


This extensive kit provides an extended supply of infection protection supplies to help prevent the spread of infectious germs. This kit provides infection protection supplies for a single person for up to 30 days or for four people for up to one week.

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This extended infection protection kit includes personal protective equipment (PPE), supplies, and sanitizers to help prevent the spread of infectious germs. This kit is designed to accommodate a single person for up to 30 days or four people for up to 1 week and includes such items as N95 respirators, eye protection, vinyl gloves, disposable thermometers, tissues, hand sanitizer and biohazard bags.

Special Features

  • Personal infection protection supplies for 1 person for 30 days or up to 4 people for 1 week
  • Includes personal protective equipment (PPE), infection detection devices (thermometers), and hygiene/sanitation supplies
  • Packed in a waterproof, tamper–evident container for protection of supplies
  • Compact storage


For personal protection:

  • (1) Instructions
  • (30) N95 respirators (face masks)
  • (10) Eye shield frames
  • (30) Disposable eyeshields
  • (50) Pairs vinyl gloves

For infection detection:

  • (10) Disposable thermometers

For hygiene and sanitation:

  • (2) SaniZide surface sanitizer spray (2 oz)
  • (3) Biohazard bags
  • (10) Hand sanitizer solution (4 oz)
  • (10) Tissue pack
  • (160) Germicidal surface sanitizer wipes

For secure storage:

  • Packed in a watertight, tamper–evident bucket.

Dimensions and weight: 15” x 13.5” x 13”, 11 lbs.


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Extended Infection Protection Kit

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