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Emergency Warden Kit


Floor wardens are the glue that holds the team together in an emergency. They know the plans, they know the supplies, and they are prepared to take charge when things go wrong. Be sure these office heroes have all the tools they need to get the job done with our Emergency Warden Kit.

Full of tools to help a warden direct, organize, and care for staff, the Warden kit is professionally compiled and ready to go when your wardens need it most.

See below for full product details. Contents may not be exactly as shown.

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Emergency Warden Kits are an important step to ensuring that your business is prepared in case of an emergency. Along with planning and practicing for disasters, having the right tools at hand goes a long way towards strong business continuity and providing a safe and prepared workplace.

While there are Workplace Kits, Workplace Cabinets, and Underdesk Kits to help your workforce get prepared, larger offices may also have floor or fire wardens who need a few extra tools to do their jobs to best effect. That’s where our kits come in. Equip your warden with items to make them easily identifiable, to help them organize supplies and staff, and to ensure their own care during a stressful time.


2x 355mL cans of Blue Can Water (50 year shelf life)
1x Signal Whistle
1x Work Gloves
1x Safety Glasses
1x Pen
1x Clipboard
1x Hard Hat
1x Face Mask
1x Safety Vest
1x D Cell Flashlight with Batteries
1x Reflective Emergency Blanket
2x Lightstick
1x 3600 Calorie Food Bar
1x Compact Backpack

We recommend also adding a copy of the business’ emergency plans to the warden kit – or an abbreviated version if it is a large document.

What is an emergency warden?

An emergency warden is a trained and designated individual that assists managers and supervisors with evacuation when needed. Their duties can be lengthy, but often include managing a headcount after an evacuation, ensuring staff are aware of muster points and emergency plans before anything goes wrong, and providing direction and communication during an emergency.


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