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Element E50 Fire Extinguisher


Bulky, short-lived, limited fire extinguishers are a thing of the past! The Element E50 Fire Extinguisher is up to 80% smaller than regular extinguisher, sprays for longer, puts out many kinds of fire, AND doesn’t expire or need servicing. Perfect for every home, business, and vehicle!

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The best fire extinguisher ever?

We certainly think so! We were so excited when the Element E50 fire extinguisher was introduced to us. It’s lightweight, small, and easy to store anywhere. Its extinguishing spray lasts for a full 50 seconds – over four times longer than a 5 pound extinguisher. This gives you more time to put out your fire and makes this perfect for professional use.

Traditional extinguishers only put out one or two kinds of fire. You need a different one for a grease fire than for a wood fire. Not with the Element E50! It works against wood fires, coal fires, trash fires, flammable liquids and gasses, electrical fires up to 100,000 volts, and cooking oil/grease fires! You’ll always have the right extinguisher on hand for the job with the E50.

Be honest, when was the last time you had your extinguisher serviced? If you have kept up with annual inspections, you’re ahead of most people! Between yearly checkups and a 10-12 year shelf life, old-fashioned extinguishers can be a real time-sink. Not the Element E50! Thanks to its simple, solid, reliable design, it never expires or needs inspection.

It’s compact size and weight also make it ideal to keep in a vehicle, apartment, or other smaller spaces. It comes with a heavy duty clip mount to fix it to a wall, or you can check out this magnetic mount for another option to attach to a fridge, filing cabinet, or toolbox.

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How does it work?

The Element uses a vaporized potassium powder jet to interrupt a fire’s chain reaction. The potassium molecules attach themselves to the oxygen and hydrogen in the fire’s chemical process, starving the fire. Click here for a full pdf explanation.

Is it safe?

The Element E50 has a zero pressure discharge, so it won’t spread oil or liquid fires. The lack of moving parts or compressed gas also makes it safer than traditional options. Plus, it’s weatherproof! It won’t be effected by extreme temperature, humidity, or vibration (perfect for workshops or hot cars!) It’s also super easy to use with a straightforward process:

Element E50 Fire Extinguisher how to use

Element E50 Fire Extinguisher Specifications:

  • Does not expire
  • Does not require inspection
  • Easy to use
  • Extinguishing spray lasts 50 seconds
  • 80% smaller than traditional extinguishers
  • 30 cm (10.75″) x 3.2 cm (1.2″)
  • 275 grams
  • Comes with wall mount (Magnetic mount also available here.)
  • Non-toxic
  • No Mess
  • Extinguishes:
    • Class A Fires – Wood, Coal, and Trash
    • Class B Fires – Flammable Liquids/Gasses
    • Class C Fires – Electrical up to 100,000 volts
    • Class K Fires – Cooking Oil and Grease

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