Dynamo Radio Flashlight Charger – Yellow


This Dynamo Radio Flashlight Charger gives great power efficiency, with 1 minute of cranking providing up to 90 minutes of light!

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Affordable, versatile, and battery-free!

Our most affordable radio flashlight option, the Dynamo Radio Flashlight Charger gives great bang for your buck! This product uses a powerful dynamo charging system and the latest self-power technology to provide exceptional performance & versatility. This product is a battery-free dynamo LED flashlight, mobile phone emergency charger, FM/AM radio and emergency alarm combined into one.

With the option of 1 or 3 LED lights you can minimize the amount of cranking you need to do, or maximize the amount of light on hand. The cranking handle locks into place against the main unit, ensuring that it is out of the way when not in use. The Dynamo Radio Flashlight also includes a radio antenna to help you find the strongest signal.

This flashlight is also included in our 2 and 4 person, 72 hour Urban Survival Kits. Only available in high visibility yellow.

*Please note, our in-store testing has found that this flashlight is fantastic at charging Android and BlackBerry smartphones, but does not charge the newer iPhones.


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Dynamo Radio Flashlight Charger - Yellow

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