Double Doodie PLUS – 6-Pack


 For no mess, easy cleanup of all portable toilet waste there is nothing better than the Double Doodie waste bags. The Double Doodie PLUS waste bags provide all the same benefits of the regular Double Doodie, but it also boasts a larger holding capacity and convenient handles for transporting.

The biggest benefit of the Double Doodie PLUS is that it fits easily in any standard toilet to be used whenever your household plumbing fails.

NOTE: Please dispose of all waste in an approved manner.

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Double Doodie PLUS has all the great benefits and features of the Double Doodie, but with a larger holding capacity and a convenient carrying handle! It’s even large enough to place over a household toilet in case the plumbing fails. These deluxe bags are also lined with biogel, a chemical compound that solidifies liquids and masks unpleasant odors. The thick outer bag is more resistant to punctures than traditional garbage sacks and the double zip seal will keep your waste contained.

  • Length: 9.20 Width: 4.90 Height: 6.00
  • Weight: 1.50lbs


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Double Doodie PLUS - 6-Pack

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