Disposable Hand Warmer

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These hand warmers last a wonderfully long time. Just open the package and shake to activate. Kept in your pockets, gloves or clothing, an individual hand warmer will keep warm for up to six hours.

Available as singles or in cases of 60


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If you’re outdoors a lot, you might want these!

Fishing, camping, spectator sports, hiking – it’s almost guaranteed you’ve had cold hands doing these activities at one time or another. Stuff one of these little guys into your gloves, pockets, or even your socks to keep your extremities warm. Hand warmers are also excellent for emergency preparedness. Keeping warm is of utmost importance when your body is working hard to survive. We recommend having them in your emergency kits and in your vehicles. Small and compact, these are easy to store almost anywhere.


  • Can be placed in your gloves or pockets for up to 6 hours of warmth
  • Great for outdoor trekking as well as other cold-weather, outdoor activities
  • Activates when exposed to air
  • Average temperature 60°C to a maximum of 68°C
  • Made of natural components
  • One hand warmer per package
  • Single Size: 3 x 4″ (7.6 x 10 cm) Weight: 1 oz. (28 g)


Remove inner pack. Squeeze or shake several times. Allow a few minutes to warm up. Keep covered in pocket, glove or clothing for maximum warmth.

Store in a cool, dry place. For external use only.


Iron powder, water, salt, activated charcoal, cellulose

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Disposable Hand Warmer

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