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Deluxe Cat Survival Kit


Avoid Catastrophe with this Deluxe Cat Survival Kit.

Cats are independent critters, but in an emergency they rely on their humans to take charge. This kit has everything you need to be there for your feline family in an evacuation or shelter in place situation.

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We’re not kitten around when it comes to keeping your furry family members prepared for an emergency. This purrpose built kit includes everything from all important teaser toys, to a carrying case, and water with a five year shelf life. Kitty litter, a tray, and litter scoop help you keep your shelter sanitary, without making puss cross her legs. To keep kitty comfortable a soft blanket is included as well as a distracting teaser toy and mouse to help burn excess energy.

Remember, even if your cat is usually fine outdoors there are more risks around after a disaster, and animals often act strange in times of duress. Keep your cat contained or indoors if possible so they don’t wander across downed power lines, broken glass, or other hazards.


Food & Water

2x Folding Food Dish

6x 125mL Water Pouches


1x Cat Littler Tray

1x Cat Litter

1x Cat Litter Shovel


1x Light Stick

1x Signal Whistle

1x Emergency Reflective Blanket

1x Collar

1x Leash

1x Large Nylon Bag


1x Cat Toy Mouse

1x Cat Toy Teaser

1x Cat Carrying Case

1x Cat Blanket


*Add your cats regular food to the kit. Cans tend to last 2 years, while dry food lasts 1. You can extend the life of dry food to approximately 5 years with properly sealed mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. To learn about storing your own dried goods check out this how to!

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