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Rapid Response Kit (includes Rolling Duffel & EMT3 components)


This all-inclusive kit is built to expedite and simplify the influx of patients upon a medical facility by utilizing components of the EMT3® System.  A proven method of enhancing the three key surge operational elements: Triage, Treatment and Transport.

Key Features:

► Full Patient Accountability
► HICS 2014 Compliant
► Intuitive Forms for Each Position
► Weatherproof / Waterproof Position Forms
► Enhances Triage, Treatment and Transport
► Self-Contained, Rolling Rapid Response Kit

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The Hospital Surge Response Kit™ was created to expedite and simplify the basic staffing requirements necessary to effectively handle the convergence of patients in the aftermath of a mass-casualty or WMD event upon a fixed medical facility. In addition to the utilization of components found in our popular SRS Surge Response System Go-Kit, additional key position vests and treatment tarps make this kit our most robust surge tool. Upgraded with our Rolling Duffel, which is designed for effortless and safe movement by a single resource.

This kit addresses some of the unique demands placed on a hospital staff when faced with lockdown, decontamination, security, triage, treatment, accountability, and mitigation issues. Fixed medical facilities being unaccustomed to dealing with mass contamination issues and patient processing, the Hospital Surge Response Kit™ will help accomplish these challenges and preserve the facility as a resource to the community.

What’s included in your kit?

  • Rolling Duffel
  • SRS™ Instructional Flip Chart
  • 50 All Risk® Wristband Triage Tags
  • 50 All Risk® Pediatric Dual Wristband Triage Tags
  • 10 Glasgow Coma Scale / JumpSTART Pediatric Cards
  • (4) 15′ x 20′ Treatment Area Tarps
  • 13 Key HICS Medical Care Branch Positions Vests + Clipboards + Essential Forms (Choice of Dynamic or Window Vests)

Vest Positions Included:

  • Triage Unit Leader (Red Vest)
  • Casualty Care Unit Leader (Red Vest)
  • Immediate Treatment Manager (Red Vest)
  • Delayed Treatment Manager (Yellow Vest)
  • Minor Treatment Manager (Green Vest)
  • Expectant Manager (Black Vest)
  • Incident Commander (White Vest)
  • Safety Officer (White Vest)
  • Patient Registration Unit Leader (Red Vest)
  • Access Control Unit Leader (Red Vest)
  • Family Reunification Unit Leader (Red Vest)
  • Patient Tracking Manager (Blue Vest)
  • Transportation Unit Leader (Yellow Vest)


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# of Positions

13 Positions, 9 Positions

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