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Rapid Response Kit (includes Rolling Duffel & EMT3 components)


For MCIs of every size, this Rapid Response Kit is an all-inclusive tool to triage, treat, and make ready for transport any number of patients. This kit comes complete with a waterproof/bloodproof flip chart to help train or refresh your department on the EMT3 method of Triage, Treatment, and Transport. Full kit contents and details below.

Key Features:

► Self-Contained, Rolling Rapid Response Kit
► All EMT3® Position Worksheets Included
► Incident Command Worksheets for Quick Scene Set-Up
► 9 Position set is perfect to small-medium mass casualty incidents
► 13 Position set is best for larger mass casualty incidents

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Everything your team needs to respond to small, medium, or large mass casualty incidents. The included forms and worksheets help leaders to stay coordinated and efficient, while the included instructional pamphlet and flip chart allow for quick, clear training or re-orientation to the EMT3 system.

Kit Contents:

• EMT3® Forms & Clipboards for Each Position
• (4) 15′ x 20′ Treatment Area Tarps
• Pad of 25 MCI Command Worksheets
• EMT3® Instructional Flip Chart (11″ x 17″)
• EMT3® Instructional Pamphlet
• 9 or 13 Key ICS Position Vests
• 50 All Risk® Triage Tags
• Rolling Duffel
• Pens

Vest Positions Included:

9 Postion Set

• Triage Unit Leader (Blue Vest)
• Treatment Unit Leader (Blue Vest)
• Minor Treatment Manager (Green Vest)
• Delayed Treatment Manager (Yellow Vest)
• Immediate Treatment Manager (Red Vest)
• Morgue Manager (Black Vest)
• Medical Communications Coordinator (Blue Vest)
• Ground Ambulance Coordinator (Blue Vest)
• Patient Transportation Unit Leader (White Vest)
13 Position Set

The 13 position set comes with all of the above vests, plus:

  • Patient Loading Coordinator (Blue Vest)
  • Incident Commander (White Vest)
  • Helispot Manager (Blue Vest)
  • Medical Group Supervisor (Blue Vest)
Additional information
# of Positions

13 Positions , 9 Positions

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