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Basic Student Emergency Kit


The Basic Student Emergency Kit provides nut-free food, water, light, warmth and hygiene. Great for in a backpack or school locker. With two 400 calorie nut-free millennium energy bars and three 4 oz water pouches, your son or daughter will have enough food and water for a day in an emergency. The mylar reflective blanket will keep them warm by reflecting body heat and the wet naps clean those sticky or dirty hands and face. Complete with a lightstick if the lights go out. All food and water have a 5 year shelf life. Get yours today!


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Basic Student Emergency Kit

The contents of the Basic Student Emergency Kit come in a compact, resealable bag. Back-to-school shopping, forms to fill out, and new routines to start make September a busy time of year! Most parents are required by their children’s school to provide an emergency earthquake kit for their child. Are you tired of shopping every year for granola bars and juice boxes that expire before the school year is out? Look no further! Save time and get one of our Basic Student Emergency Kits for each of your children. All food and water in the kits are nut-free and have a 5 year shelf life.

Most schools suggest adding a note of comfort, a family photo, and a small toy, deck of cards or stuffed animal to help comfort and calm your child in the event of an emergency. The resealable bag allows lots of room to add such items to these kits. Order yours today and check one more thing off your September to-do list!


  • 1 – Resealable Bag
  • 2 – 400 Calorie Flavoured Millennium Food Bars (nut-free)
  • 3 – Water Pouches 4.2 oz (125 ml)
  • 1 – Lightstick
  • 1 – Reflective Blanket
  • 6 – Wetnaps
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