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Augason Farms Freeze-Dried Strawberries


Add a little natural sweetness to your emergency preparedness with Freeze-Dried Sliced Strawberries.

With a shelf-life of up to 30 years these yummy berries give new meaning to long-term food storage. Just add water, or rehydrate on your tongue!

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Long-term freeze-dried strawberries will add an exciting flair to routine food storage and help diversify nutritional content. This will be very important when living off long-term food storage; eating the same foods over and over is a health detriment. Dried strawberries are a rich source of vitamin C, a well-known immunity booster and powerful antioxidant. Enjoy wholesome strawberries in cereal or oatmeal, on salads or in baked goods.

Not only are dried strawberries a delicious long-term treat, they are loaded with health benefits. Strawberries help to reduce cholesterol, inflammation and high blood pressure, making them one of the most heart-healthy foods you can eat. Add a bulk supply to your freeze-dried food storage and rest assured that you are taking care of your family’s health for the long-term. Bring lightweight, freeze-dried strawberries with you wherever you go and always have a healthy snack on hand.


  • Shelf Life up to 30 Years
  • 18 half-cup servings
  • Gluten Free

Try out Augason Farms’ recommended recipe below!

Strawberry Jam (keep refrigerated)

Yield: Single batch.

1 Cup Augason Farms Freeze Dried Sliced Strawberries
1/4 Cup Augason Farms White Granulated Sugar

Cover strawberries with water and let stand for 5 to 10 minutes. Drain excess water. Combine fruit and sugar in a medium sauce pan, mix well. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium, continue cooking until Jam reaches desired consistency, about 5 to 6 minutes, stirring frequently.

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