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All Risk® Dual Wristband Pediatric Triage Tag – Standard (Pack of 50)


These Pediatric Trage tags include 2 bar-coded wristbands: one wristband for the patient and one for the parent or guardian. This allows for easy identification throughout their care. This triage tag also features a JumpSTART Pediatric MCI Triage prompter on the back to provide a quick reference for responders.

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When children are on the scene of an incident, it’s incredibly important that their parent/guardian is kept up-to-date and with the child. These pediatric triage tags include dual wristbands to allow easy identification of the child and their guardian when transported to a medical facility. The bar code for tracking will ensure that the patient wristbands are accurately matched up with their guardian and that all documents are kept together.

In a disaster or emergency, there could be many individuals in need of treatment and transportation to emergency services. The All Risk® Triage Tags allow emergency responders to quickly and efficiently triage patients to determine those in need of the most immediate care. Designed to seamlessly incorporate the START triage algorithm, these triage tags correspond directly to the treatment tarps for easy patient sorting. All Risk® Triage Tags allow responders to assess a patient’s circulatory system, airway, and mental status to determine the severity of their injuries in less than 30 seconds. This ability to provide a fast patient count by acuity category allows resource requirements to be identified quickly and speeds the ability for the greatest number of patients to receive treatment.


► Waterproof / Blood Proof paper
► Cotton String to Secure Tag on patient
► Bar Code for Tracking & Property ID
► Section for Evidence Identification
► Section for Presence of Contamination
► Section for Primary & Secondary Decon
► Blast Injury Indicator included on card
► Tourniquet Applied Indicator included on card
► Airway Management (OPA/NPA) indicator included on card
► GCS Indicator included on card
► Known Allergies Area included on card
► JumpSTART Triage Prompter on back of card
► Dual Wristbands for patient and guadian
► Made in The USA

What’s Included:

  • 50 Tags Per Pack
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