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Remove air and keep your food, pet food, and possessions fresh longer! This awesome bucket lid works with all standard 3 to 7 gallon buckets (bucket not included) and is a great option for emergency food storage and every day use. Water and pest resistant and air tight.

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The Airscape Bucket Lid uses preservation technology to keep your food and possessions fresh and protected. Perfect for long-term and every day food storage, the lid forces air out of your bucket, sliding until it meets resistance. This means that even if your bucket is not full, you can be sure that there is as little air inside as possible. You can even hear the air being forced out, so you know it’s working!

The Airscape Bucket Lid fits all standard 3 to 7 gallon buckets, however if you are using it for food storage we recommend making sure your bucket is BPA free.

This awesome lid is perfect for:

  • Emergency Food Storage
  • Kitchen Food Storage
  • Storing Pet Food
  • Keeping odours and pests to a minimum in your compost bucket
  • Using as a “dry” bucket on your next boating, canoeing, or camping trip
  • Keeping livestock feed fresh and pest free

Air tight, water and pest resistance the Airscape Bucket Lid is your perfect storage choice.

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Airscape Bucket Lid

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