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Adult START Victim Tag Set


Easily train your team with pre-made, professionally designed victim cards! Each card includes demographic information on the victim, information on their medical problem, and notes for initial and secondary triage. Triage ribbons can be placed through the arm holes on each card, so this training material is perfect for both live drills and tabletop training. Watch the video in the description below to see them in action!

Key Features:
  • Printed on Tearproof/Waterproof DuraWrite Synthetic Cover for Durability
  • Ideal for Tabletop Exercises or Live Drills Using Included Lanyards
  • Hole for Triage Ribbons
  • 32 Victim Card Set

Note: This is a special order item. As such, please allow extra time for delivery or contact our team for a quote.

Available on backorder

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These cards each describe an assortment of injuries commonly found in incidents. Each card has both initial and secondary S.T.A.R.T. Triage assessments to add detail to each scenario. Ideal for tabletop training as personnel can attach initial triage ribbons through the arm holes on each card. The set also comes with an optional add-on of tabletop triage tarps to better simulate a real scenario. An answer key is included, so the correct outcome for each victim card is clear and measurable.

This set also comes with a START prompt card to remind trainees of key START information, including:

  • Start where you stand
  • “Remember RPM – Respirations, Pulse, Mental”
  • The key features of each level of triage (minor, delayed, immediate, and deceased/morgue)
  • 32 Victim Tags
  • 32 Lanyards
  • 16 Prompt Cards
  • Answer Key Sheet
  • Mini Treatment Area Tarps*

​*Optional add-on.

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