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Are you a healthcare professional who struggles with the common problem of where to keep your medical tape? The S3 Stat Stethoscope Tape Holder is a patent-pending new medical accessory which finally solves this problem. Easily attaches to any standard size stethoscope. Get yours today and never fumble with where to keep your tape again!

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S3 Stat Stethoscope Tape Holder
The S3 Stat Stethoscope Tape Holder is a patent-pending new medical accessory which finally solves the problem most healthcare professionals face of keeping their routinely used medical tape handy. You use tape to secure IV’s, bandages, splints, ET tubes etc., but where do you keep it? Is it bulging out of your pocket? Is it in your EMS jump bag, at the nursing station or supply closet? Is it dangling on your stethoscope because no one ever created a device to keep it secured?
NOT ANYMORE!!        
Here are some of the details about the S3 Stat:

  • It is made in the U.S.A of a solid ABS plastic material to maintain its strength and flexibility yet is extremely lightweight (under .3 oz).
  • When the roll of tape is attached it acts as a perfect counter-weight to your heavier bell side to help balance your scope around your neck.
  • It was designed with a slotted screw enabling it to fit on all standard sized stethoscopes although varying stethoscope tube diameters exist.
  • Attaching a new roll of 1” medical tape or removing a used roll is super easy!
  • The S3 is available in several colors to keep you coordinated with your uniform (or shoes!)




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S3 Stat Stethoscope Tape Holder

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