6 Month Meat Kit


  • 6 month meat kit

Add real meat to your food storage. Stock up on this 6 pack of Diced Chicken (x3), Beef Crumbles (x2) and Diced Beef (x1). Variety is the spice of life and these meats can be added into your meal planning to give the protein your body requires. The best price with the most meat of any #10 Can in Canada.

Save 5% off the total purchase price of individual items.

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Freeze-dried meat is a great tasting option that is ideal for emergency preparedness, long-term emergency food storage, camping, or for a quick meal. The 6 Month Meat Kit provides 2 people with one serving of meat per day for just under six months, or one person for nearly a year!

Freeze-dried meat can be prepared in 10 – 15 minutes and only requires water.

Because our food is stored in #10 metal cans, the food can achieve a 25-year shelf-life when properly stored.

• 25 year shelf life
• Quick and easy preparation
• Fully cooked
• Excellent source of protein
• USDA Inspected

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6 Month Meat Kit

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