Deluxe 5-Day Infection Protection Kit


1 person expanded kit containing 5 days of infection protection supplies to assist individuals with preventing the spread of infectious germs. The kit is packed in a SecureSeal compact zipper bag that has handles.

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This compact, portable 5-day infection protection kit includes personal protective equipment (PPE), supplies, and sanitizer for infection protection. The kit is designed to accommodate 1 person for up to 5 days and includes such items as N95 respirators, eye protection, vinyl gloves, tissues, hand sanitizer, surface sanitizer wipes, biohazard bags, disposable thermometers, and eye shields and frame.

Special Features

  • Personal infection protection supplies
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Hygiene/sanitation supplies
  • Packed in a durable, compact, SecureSeal™ zipper bag


For personal protection:

  • (5) N95 respirators
  • (10) pairs vinyl gloves
  • (1) Eye shield frame
  • (5) Eye shields
  • (3) Disposable thermometers

For hygiene and sanitation:

  • (1) Hand sanitizer solution (2 oz)
  • (10) Personal antimicrobial wipes
  • (10) SaniZide surface wipe
  • (2) Tissue pack
  • (5) Biohazard bags

For compact storage and easy carrying:

  • Packed in a compact zipper bag

Dimensions and weight: 9″ x 13″, 2 lbs.


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Deluxe 5-Day Infection Protection Kit

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