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36 Hour Survival Candle


This 36 Hour Survival Candle will provide 36 hours of light and heat when wicks are burned one at a time.

Matches included.

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36 Hour Survival Candle

Made in Canada, this 36 Hour Survival Candle is an excellent addition to any survival kit. Perfect for sheltering in place or for bugging out- a candle is one of the simplest light solutions available.

Candles may seem small and insignificant, but there is a reason why they have been used globally for thousands of years. Candles are versatile, with uses ranging from light to heating. Being able to see in the dark and at night is very important for survival and emergencies, and also brings a sense of hygge (comfort) to any situation. Set the candle where it is out of the way but can shine light in necessary areas during emergencies.

The Coghlan’s Survival Candle comes in a durable tin perfect for containing the melted wax, but you can also use the lid to quickly extinguish the flame and throw it back in your bag. You can also use the lid to provide some wind protection to your flame. This candle has 3 wicks so you can burn one at a time for longer burn time, or burn all three at once for more light and heat. If burning individual wicks, it is recommended to switch your wick every 3 hours so as to evenly burn the candle.

Product Notes

  • Light one to three wicks depending on how much light or heat is needed.
  • If using one wick, we suggest you burn for only 3 hours and then change to another, this way the candle will burn more evenly.
  • Candle will burn for 36 hours when only one wick is used at a time. If three wicks are burned continuously, the candle will last approximately 12 hours.
  • Matches included!
  • Made in Canada

Safety Notice

Make sure combustible furnishings or supplies are not close to the candles. Burn candle on a sturdy surface where it is unlikely to be disturbed or fall. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Do not leave unattended. Do not use candles after an earthquake which may have disrupted gas lines, or near oxygen tanks.

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