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Preparing for a Snowstorm even When it’s Least Expected

For many of us living in the Fraser Valley and on Vancouver Island, the season’s snowstorms have felt like a freak of nature! Especially here in the Greater Victoria area, many of us treat February like the beginning of spring. In years past, we’ve been spoiled by white and pink cherry blossoms spilling all over the sidewalks and streets. This year, however, those sweet treats may be delayed by a week or two.

As the icy and slushy driving conditions were posted all over the media, with Victoria Police Department even suggested that people forgo driving if at all possible during the brunt of the storm, people from other parts of Canada looked on and chuckled.

Unexpected snowstorm in cherry blossom season

And rightly so! Our cities are not always as prepared as we might think, when it comes to snow dumps. It’s even rumoured that the City of Victoria does not have a snow plow! So what can we do in the face of unprepared authorities? We can take it upon ourselves to be prepared, and educate the community!

If you were taken by surprise by the recent snowstorm, it probably already made you think twice about the equipment you own—and even the wearable snow gear! Haven’t got proper rain-proof pants? Are your boots beginning to leak on you? Those are just the basics!

Even if you live in an apartment with no driveway or sidewalk to your name, it’s a good idea to have a snow shovel, some melting salt and weather-proof gloves in case no one else in your neighbourhood is taking responsibility!

During snowstorms like the one we just had, it’s also common for people to lose power. So—especially if you have a family to feed—it’s a good idea to have a way to cook up a hot, cozy dinner without electricity. Perhaps try our Volcano 3 Collapsible Grill, powered by propane, wood or charcoal and ready to grill efficiently in the great outdoors! Just step into your backyard for a few minutes and cook up some emergency dinner that your whole household will love!

Make sure you also have a back-up supply of safe drinking water and a flashlight or two, then you can gather all your blankets into one room, close yourself off in the warmest room of the house, and wait out the storm!

Wherever you live—even if you’re often sheltered from severe weather by a special micro-climate—you never know when a storm or a disaster might strike. So it’s always good to have your bases covered—especially your food and water!

-Content created by Sophie Wooding – Writer, gardener, cyclist and emergency preparedness enthusiast!

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