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Be Prepared for Emergency or Recreational Sanitation Issues

Most of us know the basics of being adequately prepared for natural disasters or other emergencies. We even have food, water, flashlights, and a first aid kit at the ready should anything unexpected happen. There is one thing, however, that many of us have not given much thought to; that is the topic of sanitation. Being without power and/or water can certainly pose cleanliness and sanitation issues such as many of the people of Eastern Canada are facing in the aftermath of the most recent ice storm. Of course, stocking up on some basic sanitation products can also come in handy for individuals and families that enjoy recreational camping and wilderness adventures.

One very useful item to have on hand, whether for recreational or emergency use is a Wash-N-Go portable sink that also acts as a toiletry organizer. With a 3 gal/11 L capacity, the stored water can be used for drinking or washing up. It has everything that a family of 4 will need, including 4 toothbrush holders, toothpaste holder, 2 shaver holders, vanity mirror, cup rest and a soap bar tray. With a light built into the lid, it will also come in handy in situations where you are without power. At just over 6 lbs, it can easily be transported to where it is needed.

Whether you are on a wilderness adventure or in the aftermath of a severe storm or other natural disaster and find yourself without a source of water, complete toilet sets and disposable travel toilets are a must for those who truly want to be prepared. Toilet sets should include a bucket (5 gal. is best) with removable seat, toilet seat liners, biohazard bag, chemical packs, hand sanitizer and disposable gloves. This particular item is one that will prove its value over and over in emergency situations where there are young children in your home and will certainly be appreciated when camping in more remote areas.

For anyone who enjoys extended wilderness adventures, a disposable travel toilet is definitely the answer. It not only solves basic sanitation issues but will also enable you to comply with a ‘Leave No Trace’ policy that is so important in keeping our environment clean and safe for others. The disposable travel toilet is a patented ‘bag within a bag’ that is designed to neutralize human waste. It is constructed of a Mylar gas-impervious bag that contains both odor and waste.

For most people, cost is certainly an important consideration when planning an emergency preparedness kit. The bonus with so many emergency preparedness products, whether food, water or other supplies, is that they are typically multi-functional and can be used for more than one purpose. One can be confident that you will have everything you need in an emergency but they can also be used when planning family camping trips or wilderness adventures. It is of course important to remember to replace any items that are used for recreational purposes in order to maintain a fully stocked store of emergency supplies.

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