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Be Prepared for Emergencies – Wherever You Are

Making sure your home is well stocked with emergency food and water is important to ensure your health and safety in any emergency. It is also important to remember that emergencies can happen anywhere and anytime; even when you are not at home. Whether you are at home, in a grocery store or at the office, there are easy and practical ways to be prepared.

Personal emergency kits that are easy to grab and carry are ideal for keeping in the office or in a duffel bag that you can take with you should the need arise for quick evacuation. Any kit of absolute essentials should come in an easy carry bag and contain:

·        An N95 mask

·        Lightstick

·        Emergency Blanket

·        Emergency rain poncho

·        High calorie food bars

·        4 ounce water pouches

·        Tissue

·        Signal whistle

There are of course additional items that would be helpful in kits that do not have to be carried in a hurry. Most offices have emergency preparedness plans but do they have provisions for situations where employees are stranded in a building for longer periods of time? Special Office Emergency Kits are an easy and affordable way to ensure that everyone stays safe while waiting for emergency help to arrive after a blizzard or severe summer storm.

Office emergency kits can be purchased to include offices that have 10, 20 or more employees. They will include such things as, 60 or more high-calorie food bars, collapsible water container, water purification tablets, waterproof matches, candles, duct tape, work gloves, multi-tool knife, first aid kit, pry bar and more.

Planning and preparing ahead of time for any emergency is the best way to stay safe. When emergencies happen and we are separated from our loved ones, we want to make sure that they are safe wherever they are. To make sure your children will be safe in an emergency while at school, check with school administrators in your area or the principal of your child’s school to make sure they have adequate provisions stored for all the children. Basic student kits are easy to pack in your child’s backpack and you will feel better knowing that they have the things they need to stay safe. An individual student kit should contain at least: A re-sealable bag, reflective blanket, high calorie, nutritious food bar, water pouches and wet-naps.

If you work in an office make sure you have your own Emergency Kit and check with management that they are prepared with enough provisions to last at least 72 hours for each employee with extras for any guests that may be in the building.  

With a little bit of effort, it’s easy to make sure everyone in your family is safe whether they are close by or not during an emergency.

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