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How To Prepare With Non-Perishables

non-perishable Legacy Essentials

If you’re about to make emergency preparations, in case of an earthquake, tsunami, hurricane or whatever other disaster might be pending, you’re already on the right track, just by thinking about it and doing some reading and research. Kudos to you!

Now to get serious. The top two components of emergency preparedness are water and food. (If you’re interested, the other six, in order, are heat, shelter, light, communication, first aid, and sanitation.) We’ve talked about water a bunch lately, in recent blog posts, so today we’re here to talk about food. Specifically, non-perishables.

There are a number of options, when you’re stockpiling non-perishable food, but you’ll always want to consider the shelf-life and nutritional value of whatever food you’re considering including.

At Total Prepare, we recommend starting with a few basics, including some top-of-the-line products that we carry. Whether you’re stocking up on freeze-dried fruit with a shelf life of 10-15 years, or freeze-dried veggies and sides, you know that you’re getting quality with any Legacy foods. (You may even find some of our select food items on SALE right now so get it while the price is right!)

Of course, you may be more into foraging or creating your own supplies, and that’s okay too! We don’t want to quash your creativity! If you’re looking into creating your own non-perishable food packs, you may want to consider some of the foods listed in this article on Survivor’s Fortress, including brown rice, dried beans, energy bars, and powdered sea vegetables.

Then you may want to do a little research on the best methods of food preservation, including the big one: food dehydration.

Whatever method you choose, you’ll probably find that you have fun in the learning process!

We hope this has helped get your wheels turning! Please feel free to share your own food preservation methods in the comments below, or share other articles that you have found helpful in your own emergency preparedness efforts.

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