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We Didn’t Prepare for this Emergency… Now What?

Emergency Preparedness is a very important focus for many people, and not so important to others. If one is thinking of some sort of emergency preparedness and just doesn’t know where to start, it will take a bit of research. It will depend on how extensive one wants to be prepared. Does one want the bare essentials, flash light, batteries, emergency radio, fresh water, first aid kit and blankets, or do they prefer an emergency supply of equipment from gas masks to a year’s supply of food? The prospects of emergency preparedness can be confusing and complicated to most citizens, and expensive. There are emergency kits prepared for a few hours or up to a year.

It is difficult to understand the complexity of all the different ways to prepare for emergencies. One can do the least or the most, in being prepared. One can spend $10.00 or up to any amount of money, if they plan on building a bunker somewhere way underground.

Dehydrated and or freeze-dried foods and ice-cream, to first aid kits including anything and everything could mean life or death in some circumstances. Companies have specially designed earthquake kits and hurricane kits. Space blanks can be ordered to assure sufficient warmth. If one is really serious about having everything, they should purchase water filters and purifiers, water barrels and storage cases. After a catastrophic event such as a level five tornado or a large scale earthquake, a water test kit is essential for survival. All first aid kits should include flashlights, emergency radio, light sticks, potassium iodide, and security supplies, such as a hand gun, body warmers, lanterns, and batteries. If one is well supplied for a year and finds themselves in the epicenter of a major earthquake, then what?

If one wants to stockpile food items, most of these have a shelf life of over 20 years. One must remember that a year’s supply of food, water and equipment may be difficult to move and especially if one has to move in hurry and they do not have time to gather their supplies. No one really knows what the future holds, and no one knows what kind of situation they may find themselves in. Everyone has their own ideas about emergency preparedness that makes them feel comfortable, secure and safe. At the very least have a portable first aid kit, flashlight, gallon of water and blanket ready to go., and always keep the car filled with gas, (in case it can be used).

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