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Practical Emergency Tips from the Experts

Professional emergency tips

If you’re serious about being prepared for an emergency situation, you’ve probably already stocked up on the foundation items, such as water, food, heat and shelter supplies, light sources, communication devices, first aid, and sanitation supplies. (If you haven’t, check out our online store to find all the emergency supplies you’ll need and more!)

You probably already know where the emergency exits in your home are and you may have even created an emergency plan already with your household. So what do you do if you feel you’ve finished preparing, but you still can’t rest easy? Well, at Total Prepare we think it’s a great idea to regularly be in touch with the latest information that exists about surviving disasters and planning for emergencies. A lot of times, the basics are reiterated as reminders after emergencies, but sometimes, it’s good to get creative.

That’s why, today we’ve taken it upon ourselves to share a few non-traditional emergency tips from people who are actively preparing, so you can go above and beyond:

  • Always have a bottle of wine and something to charge a cellphone.
  • Have shoes and good socks under your bed.
  • As well as keeping a survival kit at home, ideally keep one under your desk at work, as well as in your car.
  • Think of sanitary and “luxury” items as currency. Invest.
  • If you’re in bed during an earthquake, once it’s over count to 30 before moving, to calm yourself down and let things settle.
  • Sign up for emergency alerts with the Canadian Red Cross’s new “Be Ready” App on your phone!
  • Know how to actually use what’s in your emergency kit.

Most of the above tips are comments and notes we’ve gathered from our customers. The wisdom is in the community! Don’t forget to talk about it. If you do anything to prepare this week, try telling someone about it, and explaining. And feel free to leave us your own pro-tips in the comment section below!

 -Content created by Sophie Wooding – Writer, gardener, cyclist and emergency preparedness enthusiast!

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