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Outdoor Wilderness Adventure Essentials

Summer or winter; what can be more exhilarating than an outdoor wilderness adventure? Understanding and being prepared for the unexpected is the key to a great backcountry hiking or camping trip. Food, safe drinking water, clothing, and safety gear are essential for any such outing. The biggest concern when packing for such an adventure is that all items are lightweight enough to be carried for traveling in conditions where the terrain can sometimes present a challenge.

Even the most experienced of campers can temporarily lose their direction, especially when unexpected adverse weather conditions hit. Staying warm and dry in such situations can be difficult, if not impossible, with ‘run-of-the-mill’ tents and sleeping bags. HeatStore Survival Shelters are designed to conserver your body heat and their outer orange layer makes the tent visible among the snow and trees and can be spotted from long distances.  They are lightweight and pack easily into any backpack making them the sensible choice for any outdoor adventure. The advantages of the HeatStore shelter over standard tube tents include:

·        The reflective quality of the inner lining is designed to conserve body heat, which can save a life in extreme weather conditions.

·        A layer of aluminumized PVC bonded to a thin layer of non-woven nylon fibers makes this shelter tear resistant.

·        With only one open end, you get added protection from winds and is more efficient in conserving precious body heat.

·        Visibility of the orange outer layer can make the difference of being spotted in a rescue situation.

For outdoor adventures that don’t include extended, rough terrain hikes, the 4 person Vango Storm Shelter is the perfect addition to your essential camping/hiking gear. This shelter provides safety and warmth even in extreme weather conditions. With waterproof seats and a fire retardant fabric, it provides the ultimate in protection and at only 500 grams; it can easily be carried in a backpack.

For outdoor adventures where you will be setting up a base camp that you will be returning to each evening, a privacy bathroom tent will be appreciated by every member in the camp. This versatile shelter can be used for bathroom privacy or as a shower tent with its built-in hanging shower attachment. Weighing less than 9 lbs, this privacy tent can easily be carried to your site and set up in just minutes.

Whether you are planning an extended wilderness adventure or backcountry camping trip, items such as appropriate shelters and privacy tents will ensure that everyone in the group stays safe and warm whatever conditions mother nature decides to throw your way.

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