Our Team

Humble Head Honcho
Ray is the owner of Total Prepare. A font of knowledge on anything preparedness, Ray is always looking for ways to grow and nurture Total Prepare and its staff. With a mind that seems to go a mile a minute he’s always the go-to guy for unsolvable problems, and somehow, he always manages to solve them! That’s what makes him the heart of Total Prepare.  
Modest Manager
Irrepressibly positive Zenia is always ready with a smile and a notebook, prepared to tackle any project that comes her way. She's the integrator who pulls departments together and organizes new software and processes in all areas of the business. More recently, she has taken on Human Resources and handles hiring, morale, and the like.
Enlighted Experience Manager
Cort is one of the most naturally likeable people in existence. His laugh can be heard across the store, usually after his own punchline, and always in chorus with his audience. In fact, he's so good at providing all our customers with an excellent experience, that we made him the Customer Experience Manager! If asked about his own preparedness Cort will point to his backpacking supplies. They double as a handy bug out bag, keeping him ready to move at the drop of a hat.
Wonderful Warehouse Warden
Wrangling a house full of young boys has taught Jordan the importance of being prepared. Whether it’s an emergency snack for a hangry toddler, or a shelter in place kit for larger scale disaster, Jordan is ready! He keeps the warehouse spick and span amongst the chaos of incoming and outgoing shipments and turns around orders with lightening efficiency. He never complains about being bombarded with requests for shipping quotes and gives his replies with a joke and an easy laugh.
Isabel where she's happiest - in her kayak!
Captivating Client Service Rep
Isabel has a knack for building great relationships. Whether it's creating personalized, thoughtful supply solutions, or going above and beyond to get every order just right, Izzy goes the extra mile to ensure her clients get only the best. Her extensive experience in the industry makes her a font of knowledge for both clients and the new members of our team. Based out of Vancouver, BC, she always brightens up our Victoria office when she stops by for a visit.
Simon holding a pair of small, tyrannical dogs with a big smile on his face.
Priceless Purchaser
Purchasing is one of the most difficult jobs at Total Prepare and requires incredible attention to detail and persistence. Simon takes all of this in stride and knocks it out of the park every time. Hunting down rogue purchase orders, keeping tabs on constantly changing inventory, and sourcing everything from stickers to triage tents – whatever the task, Simon takes it on with aplomb. What a guy!
Heather and her dog, Holly.
Creative Customer Service Rep
Heather wants to meet your pets, talk about your pets, and see pictures of your pets. Not unlike her animal friends, Heather is a happy, friendly, helpful individual and a joy to have on the Total Prepare team. She is knowledgeable and keeps a professional, attentive demeanor when interacting with customers, helping to guide them to the right solution for their needs.
Collaborative Corporate Sales
With an unrivalled desire to learn, Ed is constantly looking for new knowledge to absorb – watching videos, asking great questions, and reading product pages, articles, and handbooks. Everything he learns, combined with his history in sales, make him an excellent resource for organizations looking to replenish supplies or get prepared. Anyone that speaks with Ed will be sure to appreciate his warm manner and solutions-based sales approach.
Extraordinary Executive Assistant
Providing support to management on a collection of ever-changing priorities and projects is tough, but James tackles every request with a smile and a can-do attitude. James’ interest in IT and software has made him an amazing addition to the team and instrumental in any and all computer-related endeavors. After only a week in his new role, management was already wondering what we ever did without him!
Warehouse team
World-Class Warehouse Support
A constant stream of incoming and outgoing shipments keeps our diligent warehouse team moving day in and day out. Seemingly tireless, they have excellent attention to detail and act as the last line of defense for order errors or special requests. Want to make their day? Ask them for a drawing in the shipping notes of your order!