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Why Not Try Surviving on What’s in Your Fridge?


At Total Prepare, we’re all about survival. We want you to survive any disaster that comes your way and if you’re caught unprepared, we sincerely hope you can make it through with what you happen to have in your home already.

Many people—if they delay grocery shopping by a day or two—can survive on the leftovers in their fridge and the less-than-exciting food in the freezer. Even if the fridge and freezer are basically empty, many people keep the staples around: a few cans of beans and assorted vegetables or fish, eggs, flour, oats, butter, salt, some other random baking supplies. And there’s no doubt that you could turn some of these items into something half-decent.

But…what about surviving for two weeks? Could you last that long on flour paste or pseudo bread and sardines? Would you want to if you didn’t have to?

You might find that you run out of clean water very quickly (if you haven’t stocked up on something like our blue can water)! Without it, turning flour and oats into anything edible is basically impossible.

That’s why, at Total Prepare, we think it’s better to plan ahead and prepare for those tough times by collecting food that will nourish you and enable you to put on your bravest face when danger strikes.

Recently, we’ve partnered with a new food product line, Wise Food Storage and even had our staff do a taste-test! We can honestly say that their breakfast and entree servings are delicious and quick and easy to prepare. During an emergency, the last thing you want is the trouble of not knowing how to prepare your food. But with Wise Food Storage, you’ve got quality food that tastes great, gives you strength and only requires added water!

Next time you’re camping, consider trying it out! Doing a test run is not a bad idea. Then, whether you need to live out of your emergency kit for a day or two weeks after an emergency, you’ll be prepared!

 -Content created by Sophie Wooding – Writer, gardener, cyclist and emergency preparedness enthusiast!

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