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New Products for Fall 2022

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New Products Preview!

This fall, we’re bringing in some new products and expanding the options for brands that we already work with. Pure Choice Foods and Storehouse Foods are Canadian brands dedicated to high-quality non-GMO ingredients. They are perfect for pairing with your long-term food storage plan. We are also adding another option of MREs, and their price will now include shipping.


New Products from Pure Choice Foods

We’ve recently partnered with Pure Choice Foods to bring more variety to our freeze-dried food options! Pure Choice Foods is a small business located in Ontario specializing in freeze-dried foods. They strive to use quality non-GMO products with no additives where possible. All their products feature a 25-year shelf-life and come in easy to store, resealable mylar bags.  The first products which we brought in from this brand were the Freeze-Dried Mozzarella, Chicken, Eggs, Beef Crumbles, and Steak Strips, but we are adding more! These proteins are all Canadian, and the eggs are from Braeburn Farms. The meats have been quite popular with our customers and are extremely versatile; reflecting this, we are launching a 1 Month Protein Bucket! This bucket is exclusively proteins in contrast to the 32 Serving and 120 Serving Protein and Freeze-dried Food Combo buckets which we carry.

Expanding our Pure Choice range, we are bringing in several varieties of fruits and vegetables- some of which are even organic! We’ve tested all the new products in-store and we’re quite happy with the quality and taste of their product. We are bringing in Freeze-Dried Green Beans, Cauliflower, Peas (organic), Broccoli, Mango, Raspberries (organic), Strawberries (organic), and Blueberries! These pair very well with freeze-dried meals, such as those from Legacy, adding variety in flavour and extra nutrition. Freeze-dried produce is so versatile that the sky is the limit, even useful in day-to-day life.

We are also bringing in a few different sweets from Pure Choice, starting with Ice Cream Sandwich Bites and Salt-Water Taffy. The Ice Cream Sandwich bites were a consistent hit with the team – you can really taste the chocolate in these! Adding treats to your food storage plan is a good way to boost morale in disaster scenarios, but they’re great for kids of all ages no matter the situation.

New Products from Storehouse Foods Storehouse Red Lentils

Storehouse Foods is based in Alberta, and we carry a variety of grains and beans from this company. Not only do these products have a shelf-life up to 30 years, but they are also locally and sustainably grown, farm direct grains from the Canadian prairies. We currently offer Old-fashioned Rolled Oats, Black Beans, Hard Red Spring Wheat Berries, Whole Red Lentils, and Chickpeas. And they’re all non-GMO!

Grains and legumes are a fantastic staple in any long-term food storage plan. Rich in carbohydrates, they are excellent sources of protein and fibre and feature essential nutrients such as iron and potassium. Storehouse Foods products come in easily stackable buckets and have a large variety of uses. For example, even if you don’t have a grain mill, you can eat the wheat berries as a cereal or throw them into a chili or soup – or make popped wheat! There are countless articles regarding the value of including grains in your long-term food storage plans, such as this one from Survival Mom who discusses the importance of variety in your grain stores.

Similarly, beans can also be ground into a flour substitute to increase protein and nutrition. You can substitute up to ¼ cup wheat flour with ¼ cup bean flours in most recipes without affecting taste or texture. Chickpea flour fully functions as a normal flour on its own as well. Beans and lentils can also make great meat substitutes, which is a cost effective way of boosting protein in your long-term food storage.

XMREs Return (and Total Prepare MRE Updates)

If you are not aware of MREs, some would joke that you’re lucky – but mainly ex-military folks who ate too many over their years of service. MREs are the royalty of food storage. They feature an all-in-one meal with compact packaging, solid flavours, and excellent calorie counts. They’re also are unrivaled in popularity due to their convenience. We’ve talked about MREs a few times previously, including these two blog posts for some deeper reading.

We’re bringing back the XMRE! These MREs feature over 1000 calories per meal pouch, and each case contains 12 meal packages. The current cases include two each of the Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal, Hashbrowns with Bacon, Turkey Chili with Beans, Cheese Tortellini with Tomato Sauce, Vegetable Stew with Beef, and Chili with Beans. This variety provides chicken, beef, and vegetarian menus – perfect for the whole family.

The XMRE is a simplified version of the Total Prepare MRE but still includes everything you could need. Each package ranges between 1030-1090 calories, so eat two and you have consumed enough calories for an average day! Contrast XMREs with Total Prepare MREs which feature the highest calorie count per meal pouch in Canada (1100-1470). Both MRE options feature a 5-year shelf-life, and their NXH™ Heating Technology flameless ration heater will heat your meal within minutes. The ration heater also releases no foul odor, and is safe to use in confined spaces. They just require a bit of liquid, and you can enjoy a hot meal anywhere!

As for the Total Prepare MRE, we have added coffee to the breakfast menu for our next production run which will please many! Additionally, we have made some adjustments to allow both MRE options to ship for free. If you are ordering multiple boxes for an institution, please contact the service team at hello@totalprepare.ca and we would be glad to help you!

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