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Motivation to Get Your Earthquake Emergency Kit

We have all witnessed innocent people on TV who woke up on a fine day without any idea that their entire world would be turned upside down by lunchtime. An earthquake is actually one of the easier calamities to plan for even though they can strike during any season or time of the day, making some of us feel even more uncertain about how to best prepare an earthquake kit.

Most of us have a lot of supplies in our homes already, including bandages, canned food and enough bottles stored way to start. Once you start gathering up a selection of needed items and place them in a good duffle bag or back pack it will become much easier to visualize what else we will want to have if we found ourselves staying out of the house. For some people this emergency kit preparation process will become downright fun at this point, while considering which items will give us comfort during a time of stress and uncertainty. Whether that might include a favorite author’s new book, a shortwave radio and lots of batteries or comfort food, this is where we start to envision the fulfillment our personal needs.

Many checklists already exist and are readily available to help us remember the most important items. However just starting the process at whatever point you find yourself in preparation, will do the most to ensure its completion than some of our best laid plans. Starting to create a kit is personally engaging, and we envision being comforted rather than being distressed which assists in our continued work to meet the goal of having a completed kit for each person. It will also be beneficial for those of us with children or other dependents to help guide each person in our care through their own process of considering how to meet their own person needs in the case of an emergency. This is a life skill that will empower them to perform again in the future and potentially show their own children someday. Motivation is personal in nature but it is natural for us all to want to feel safe, so this is a wonderful way to help combat our fears and ensure that we will have comfort if that time of calamity does arrive.


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