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More than Fun: Camping is Emergency Preparedness

LifeStraw Steel tested on a Paddle Board

Have you been camping yet this summer? May long weekend is often the perfect first weekend of camping in the summer. Then it’s easy for June and July to get away from us and suddenly it’s August and we’re already trying not to think about the fall!

So, since it’s August, we hope that some of you out there are considering another camping venture before the summer is over.

We’re here today to remind you that camping is more than fun adventure, nature therapy, and family bonding time… all of which are fantastic reasons to camp in and of themselves! But camping can also be a great time to practice your “wilderness skills” and try out the products you’ve got stocked in your emergency preparedness kit! Have you always wondered what water tastes like directly from the lake? Bring along your LifeStraw Go water bottle! Worried about a bit of rain during your trip? Why not test your waterproof matches?

Even if you’re not planning on going far, or you’re staying at a campground with running water and flushing toilets in the bathrooms, you’ve got an opportunity to prepare for an emergency by ensuring that all of your supplies are in working order and have a healthy shelf life left. Just as importantly, you have the chance to make sure that in the event of an emergency you’re not wasting time trying to figure out how to use your supplies.

If you’ve been rendered homeless by a wildfire, an earthquake, a flood or a major storm and you’ve got only what you can carry for the next few days, you’ll be glad that you’re familiar with the supplies in your arms. It’ll help you remain calm and keep you thinking clearly. Who knows – if you’ve been camping enough, maybe it’ll feel like second nature!

Before you head out on your next camping adventure, why not bring along some items from your emergency kit and turn it into an emergency preparedness exercise? If you already know your supplies backwards and forwards, share what you know with the family members or friends that you’re camping with! If you’re going on a longer trip, it could also be a good time to add a couple new supplies to your kit – items such as the Scrubba Wash Bag. It’s the lightest weight washing “machine” in the world at only 5 ounces and helps you efficiently clean your clothes in just minutes!

Wherever you’re going camping this summer—whether it’s local or way out in the bush—we hope you get the adventure you’re looking for, and develop some emergency preparedness knowledge at the same time!

Article written by Sophie Wooding

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