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Melting Snow – How to Prevent Flooding in Your Home


Heavy snowfalls have been a regular occurrence this winter, especially for eastern Canada. Even though we are nearing the end of this cold season with warmer weather moving in, warmer conditions can also mean huge snow melts. The more snow you have in your area, the more at risk you may be for flooding and damage to your home.

There are simple precautions one can take in order to decrease the risk that flooding will happen in your home. Spending the time now to get your house ready for the snow melt, could save you a fortune in the long run should your home become affected by water damage.

Here are a few tips to consider when trying to save your house from the potential of snowmelt flooding:

  • Shovel snow away from window wells, gutters, and your house foundation
  • Keep the snow in your own yard, avoid shoveling it into the streets so it doesn’t block drains
  • Try to extend your downspouts by a couple metres to aim them away from your foundation
  • Clear your roof from snow, use precautions or hire a professional
  • Help remove snow and ice from catch basins on your street, they can handle large amounts of water
It is your responsibility as a home owner to reduce the potential of flooding.

One anticipate warmer Spring temperatures melting snow, but if temperatures spike faster than usual the snow will melt accordingly. Remember that maintaining the area around your house is your responsibility as a home owner; if damage is preventable you may not be covered under your house insurance. Be ready and prepare your house for the potential of flooding even if it has never happened before.

Not only can you take preventative measures yourself to help minimize the effects of flooding to your home, there are some amazing products that can also help you keep your house safe and dry. If you have difficulty shoveling around the foundation of your house but want to make sure you are safe from flooding, you need to try Quick Dam. Quick Dam offers both sandless sandbags and sandless flood barriers that will save you time and money and is easy for anyone to use. Place these bags around the perimeter of your house, where you are most worried about flooding, and as the snow melts the water is absorbed and redirected away from your home. There couldn’t be an easier solution to prevent water from seeping into your home!

There are always hazards to be aware of when living in an area where extreme weather is an issue. Taking the proper preventative measures now can ultimately save you time, money, and unnecessary aggravation.

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