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Long Term Food Supply

For centuries people have found a way to provide a long term food supply. When the world was not privileged to grocery stores and mini marts, people dried berries and fruits and used cured meats for long term food storage. Naturally, preserved foods last for years in the form of preserved fruits and vegetables. Specialty items were not easily come by and once found, were prepared to last for long periods of time. These long term food supplies were important to survival. Buying foods that rejuvenate instantly when adding water is a great way to provide a long term food supply, instant grits and oatmeal are wonderful examples of these products. The various instant breakfast cereals and the on the go granola bars, also place a person at an advantage where long term eating supplies are concerned.

People today do not need to guess the weather, getting informed of problems with food supply and crisis around the world is only a radio wave away. The need for long term food supplies is no less important than it was centuries ago when there were no conveniences. People ordered things from far away places and it took months to get to them. World disasters may call for an immediate need for a long term food supply or cost may simply be a factor. Crops are ruined by weather or disaster and foods enjoyed can easily become unavailable or unavailable at an affordable price. Finding yourself in a financial pinch is another reason for long term food supplies. The worry about the mortgage is enough without the worry of starvation; besides buying in bulk is always cheaper.

Dried foods are now, pre-packaged, so doing this chore yourself is no longer necessary. Eat delicious fruits and deserts anytime you like no matter what the crisis. These food supplies are measured on a twice a day diet and last for varied amounts of time. Long term food supplies are used by the military and many other organizations that must store food and have it ready for any occurrence. Giving your family the benefit of emergency food is smart caring and a lot less worry for you.

A variety of food packages are available. People are packing emergency backpacks and there are 72 hour kits you can purchase to help supply food in these emergency bags. Larger packages are available. To some a long term supply of food might sound extreme but in a disaster, it takes time for government agencies to set up and the lines are long because many people are waiting for help. Banking machines may not work and bridges can block exits. A long term food supply helps you help yourself until things are sorted out.


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